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About USA Made E-PAD M8

Practice Pads

Hand Made in the USA

Our goal is to provide the best drum practice pads to drummers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. We hand make all of the E-PAD! products ourselves here in the U.S.A.

be challenged

Enduraflex Playing

No matter what level of player you are, your chops will be challenged and made stronger by the ENDURAFLEX playing surface of E-PAD!

energy absorbing

Realistic feel
for Drumset Players

E-PAD! has the feel of practicing on a drum, which results in a more natural approach to playing the drums. The ENDURAFLEX surface is energy absorbing while building your wrists, fingers, and forearms.  E-PAD!’s are made for true Drumset acclamation.

get energized

Activates /

The one thing all E-PAD!s do is energize your practice/warm up. You will feel the ENDURAFLEX working as soon as you begin playing on it!

E-PAD! is the original and only ENDURAFLEX drum practice pad.

used by all

Become a
Better Drummer

E-PAD!s are used by drummers all over the globe — from beginner to pro at the very top of their profession.

Become a
Better Drummer