12-inch round pad with Enduraflex™ playing surface on a sturdy wood base with nonskid rubber ring on bottom. Good for all levels of ability beginner to pro. Great for playing atop a snare, warm-up before a gig or anytime. Just $54.00

S9-inch round pad with tough Enduraflex™ playing surface. Sturdy wood base. Nonslip footing. Put EP9's on your drums and dig in! Just $39.95

5-inch round pad with 2-inch “Strike Zone” in center of pad and
T-nut mounted in bottome of base. Can be mounted on cymbal stand on lay on flat surface. Features Enduraflex™. Great for drummers of all styles. Play in the ZONE—the Strike Zone.
Just $26.95
12-inch round pad customized with ultra-classic white pearl wrap and lazer-engraved silver nameplate with tough Enduraflex™ playing surface. On sturdy wood base with nonslip footing. Professional's choice for warming up in style. (Stand not included.)
Just $72.00
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