What sets E-PAD! Practice Pad!s apart from all other drum practice pads? It’s proprietary Enduraflex playing surface and its traditional approach to practicing on a surface with a slower response thus building finger, wrist and forearm strength, control and endurance as advocated by Buddy Rich, Ed Shaughnessy, Maria Martinez and Marvin “Smitty” Smith to name a few.

The E-PAD! Practice Pad concept was developed by working drummer Ed Eblen in 1998. Ed set out looking for something that would replicate the response and feel of a drum. After trying various types of practice pads available on the market, he still wasn’t satisfied with the extreme bounce of some pads or the lack of rebound of the others and was trying to find a surface that was drum like.

Ed set out to create his own practice pad with a more realistic drum feel. After a year of experimentation and feedback from several Los Angeles touring and studio drummers, he discovered Enduraflex™ and thus the E-PAD! concept was born.

Our main goal was to create drum practice pads that were professional quality with a drum feel. As time went on, we found out that beginners and intermediate drummers also liked the feel and response of the E-PAD!/Enduraflex™ surface and the noticeable difference it was making in their technique. Making something that was portable, convenient and lightweight was a priority. Ultimately, we ended up with our flagship product, the ProDeluxe kneepad.

The ProDeluxe strap to your leg kneepad features a 5x7 Enduraflex™ playing surface with a padded saddle underneath and a 2” nylon web strap with an adjustable buckle. This was the answer for anybody who has ever taken a pair of sticks and warmed up on their leg before a gig (OUCH!!). The great thing about the ProDeluxe was you could play the pad at various intensities without any risk of shock to your leg or knee while maintaining a great feel. Because of the Enduraflex™ feel and design of the kneepad, the response from drummers was a resounding YES! Feel, design, comfort and portability, makes this the number one choice of drummers everywhere!

E-PAD! Enterprises, LLC has continued to develop high quality drum set practice pads and accessories. Our facility in Woodland Hills, California, is where we manufacture E-PAD! products which include a full line of pads and accessories including several kneepads, table top practice pads and stand mountable pads which feature the revolutionary Edge-Bracket™.

The E-PAD! company continues to grow with its dedication to manufacturing and designing high quality practice pads and accessories for drummers of all levels. E-PAD!s are sold in the United States as well as internationally and has an endorsee roster which boast top drummers in the industry from all styles of music. The reason for this is simple E-PAD! is a concept that works.

Warming up on E-PAD!s builds endurance, control, and most importantly, even-handedness. You must meet the challenge of the weaker hand with E-PAD! That’s what makes this a great product and a must have for drummers of all levels.

We here at E-PAD! are proud to be an American manufacturer and are dedicated to making high quality professional drum products and accessories.

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